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Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks.

In Mobile Sensor Networks (MSNs), limited transmission range of the sensor nodes requires nodes to collaborate with each other in order to send their data to the Base Station ($BS$) which acts as a gateway between the network and the remote user. However, nodes may fail arbitrarily due to battery depletion, hardware malfunction, or an external damage. Such failures may partition the network into multiple disjoint segments isolated from the rest of the network. To restore network connectivity, network topology can be restructured by employing node mobility. However, mobility incurs excessive energy consumption and must be limited to avoid further failures and extend the network lifetime.

Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis investigates relationships in a networked structure in order to interpret the roles of individuals and evaluate their respective importance. The common approach is employing graph theory that models the network as a graph data structure.

Mobile Crowdsensing

Proliferation of smartphones equipped with several on-board sensors leveraged people-centric sensing. Human mobility, combined with the ad- vanced computing and wireless communication capabilities available on mobile devices, enables mobile crowdsensing and paves the way for a wide range of novel applications.

Natural Language Processing

Messages on microblog sites, such as tweets on Twitter, can be collected to extract and analyze the underlying emotions. The idea is classifying the tweets as positive, neutral, and negative so that the companies may use them as feedback to improve their products and services.

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New Paper

Our paper titled A New Approach to Simulating Node Deployment for Smart City Applications Using Geospatial Data is accepted to The 2019 International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC'19).

New Paper

Our paper titled NetCar: A Testbed for Mobile Sensor Networks is accepted to International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Computer Engineering and Science (ICATCES'19).

New Paper

Our paper titled Partition-aware Centrality Measures for Connectivity Restoration in Mobile Sensor Networks is accepted to International Journal of Sensor Networks.

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